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Lawn Care Services

Mowing: We offer weekly and biweekly schedules.

Pricing: We will give you an estimate before we mow. Your first mow will be this price. A time study will be kept for the first mow. If the time study shows we need to increase the price we will notify you. If you agree to the price, we will continue service. If you disagree, we will waive our six mow minimum and take you off the schedule.

Terms: Weekly and bi-weekly mowing customers agree to a six mow minimum. You may cancel service at anytime once the six mow minimum has been met. If you cancel service before the six mow minimum has been met, we will charge the one time rate for all the mows you’ve already received which is $10 extra per mow.
We automatically assume your business next spring unless you contact us to cancel mowing service.

Season: Our mowing season starts on March 12 and ends on November 9. Weekly customers are given the option to go to bi-weekly on October 12 due to slower growth.

What’s Included?
Our lawn mowing service consists of mowing all lawn areas, edging all concrete edges, line trimming along all borders and dispersing all clippings with our blowers. Other services can be added such as bed weed control.

What’s not included?
We do not rake leaves for free. If you do not have our year round service there may be a lot of leaves on the ground when we return for the first mow in the spring. You can purchase a spring clean up service or we will simply run our mowers over the leaves. After a few mows, the leaves will become less noticeable.
We do not clean weeds or leaves out of flower beds with a routine mowing. These are add on services.

Bed Weed Service: Offered to customers on our weekly or bi-weekly schedule. We do not pull weeds. We spray a weed control product only.

Mulch/Pine straw and bed clean up: We are happy to bring new straw or mulch for your landscape beds. A delivery fee of $50 will be added to the cost of the mulch or straw plus labor. We will spray and cut the weeds and then install new mulch or straw. This should be done at least yearly. In order to stay weed free, you should purchase our bed weed service. 

Shrub trimming: Absolutely Clean will trim on a schedule or just one time. We recommend a schedule of three times a year. All debris will be carried off. We also remove low limbs and small trees, and do stump grinding.

All Year Maintenance: This service can be weekly or bi-weekly. Your lawn will stay Absolutely Clean all year with the weekly schedule; but, bi-weekly in the fall will leave a lot of leaves on the ground if you have a lot of trees.

Winter Clean Up: This service is offered in January and February and consists of cleaning up all leaves and limbs. If you do not have a lot of trees you may not need this service.


This would be a good time to have your gutters cleaned out and any roof debris removed as well.