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Wood Restoration & Preservation

Absolutely Clean can make your deck, fence, play set, gazebo, or other wood structures look like new again. We can strip the gray dead fibers or old finishes from these structures and apply new stains and sealers. If repairs are needed we will take care of those as well.

DeckWood structures such as decks are very expensive to replace. Let us protect your deck from the sun and rain, as well as health hazards such as mold and mildew, which are not safe to breathe and can make your deck slippery, resulting in a fall.

If you have a new deck, don’t wait for the sun and water to crack and splinter the wood. Now is the best time to seal out the elements with a quality stain ensuring years of beautiful wood.

Your deck should be cleaned every year. Applying the sealer every two or three years, depending on sun exposure, will guarantee a long life for your wood. 


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